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While I’m Thinking About It: My Year on Steroids and Antibiotics

April 10, 2012

(Despite my best attempts to keep the content on this blog flowing with material all week long, I came across a debilitating and frustrating, yet treatable illness: strep throat. Because of my hardheadedness about going to hospitals, of which I feel I have attended enough for the moment, I delayed going to see a doctor by about 4 days too long. As a result of this, I didn’t do anything on Friday, or Saturday, or most of Sunday. He proceeded to prescribe antibiotics and steroids to me for 10 days. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time I’ve taken them this year. This meant the blog didn’t get updated the way I would have liked it too. Also, apparently Austin came down with a vicious cold. I think we should pick different less similar radio partners, but don’t tell him that. Anyways, here’s the 5 random thoughts I have for the week because I’m too lazy to go get my notebook.)

1) I miss pre-DVR television watching days. Commercials play a vital role in my television watching experience. When a commercial comes on, I can talk with my friends who I’m watching television with. I can get up and go to the bathroom. Get something to eat. Most importantly, it kept me from watching too much television. Without a DVR, I would actually come across shows I didn’t like. Now, I’ll watch 4 hours of late-night television without thinking about it. Live television kept me from taking a 30-minute detour to the computer room, or actually sitting through an entire phone conversation with a relative. There was structure. I miss the structure.

2) I wonder if when reality television first started, TV executives realized they were really just ripping off the same thing radio had been doing for the past 40 years or more. Instead of coming up with new ideas, let’s just go to the audience for their copious amounts of new and original ideas never ever thought up before in life. I can just see the pissed off TV executive sitting there now: “I’m busting my ass to come up with new content every year. And these people are just sitting on their ass doing nothing. This can’t stand. We need to put them to work, pay them as little as possible, then return them to obscurity where they belong.” Name me the singer who came in 6th the 5th season of “American Idol” without googling.

3) A friend of mine today, Hi Kait!!!!!!!!, told me that the brain needs 20% of your energy to function properly. When you get sick, and your body demands that other 20%, it can make you depressed. After dealing with a really bad throat issue before going to the doctor, I completely believe her.

4) Facebook bought Instagram today for $1 billion dollars. They have 12 employees. I am officially learning this stuff called computer programming.

5) Someone please tell me if this makes sense as a stand-up, break the ice opener. “Alright, lets get one thing out of the way. Gentlemen, I do not play basketball. Ladies, I am anatomically proportioned.”

Hopefully, there will be some EPIC RANT ROUND action happening later this week. As soon as I can talk, Austin and I will find a time to bring that goodness to ya!!

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